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Did you know that male-version of you would have 3 times (or over $1 MILLION) as much wealth as you at retirement age due to increased pay, fewer career breaks, and investing earlier and more often?  

That's one million reasons to start talking about money.  

The Pledgettes community is a place:
- to ask questions and share your experiences with other members.
- to learn at your own pace by taking courses, like our Goal-Setting Course, and watching Webinars-On-Demand.
- to RSVP to upcoming events.

Our Events are aimed to increase your financial literacy and share multiple perspectives on how you can increase your net worth.  We host webinars with financial experts including Financial Planners, Career Coaches, Realtors, Daily Money Managers, Lenders, Estate Attorneys, and more. We address money topics that are front of mind (investing, income, budgeting) and some that you might not have spent as much time thinking about (estate planning, values-aligned investing, and banking).

Our members are working on goals that are as unique as they are! One member is building up her Emergency Fund over the next two years.  Another member is on her way to double her income this year!  Others are organizing their money, moving their money, and improving their relationship with money.  

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