Welcome to The Pledgettes

A community of women taking an active role in their personal finances.

Women have been told a story about money all their lives.
But what if there was a different story to tell?

At the Pledgettes, we embolden women who know that they can be using their money better to clarify their goals and confidently take an active role in their finances.

Because money doesn’t have to be a scarce resource that you need to budget, save, stretch, and stress about.

We're here to have a different conversation about money.

What’s your first memory of money?

Maybe it was earning an allowance for chores. Or your parents fighting about not having enough. Whatever the memory, you remember it. It’s ingrained in you. 

By age 7, 70% or more of our behaviors around limitation, disempowerment, and self-sabotage are set. That can include how we think about money, how we talk or not talk about it, how we set financial goals, and how we make assumptions/judgments about other people’s money. Wild, right?  

Maybe it’s starting to make more sense now that you don’t know what you don’t know.

You want to know more, learn more, do more with your money, but you don’t know your next step. You feel unsure about what to do, overwhelmed by all of the financial resources on the internet like you’re limited in your choices, and that it’s easier to take no action than make a mistake you’ll regret later. Are you nodding yet?

You’re not alone. This is how many women feel because it’s what they’ve learned. We’ve been told a story to be a good saver and a good budgeter. That focus prevents us from taking action because we’re terrified of what we’re going to lose. But, what if you had something to gain instead?

It might just turn the guilt you feel when you spend what you have into a moment you look forward to. Imagine feeling no more shame around money and using it to its full potential.

If you really want to know more, learn more, and do more with your money, you have to start. You have to take an action step. You have to move your money.

So, let me ask you a question. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Maybe you’d pay down your debt. Maybe you’d invest in the stock market or real estate. Maybe you’d give back or contribute in some way. Maybe you would start a business.

All your maybes don’t have to wait for one day. You don’t have to win the lottery to start taking action towards these big financial goals right now because that’s what they are - your goals! 

If economic mobility matters to you, and you don’t want to stay where you are, it’s time to start making money moves. It’s about looking at how you will intentionally use the money that you already have and take values-aligned action towards achieving your financial goals (aka. what you would do if you won the lottery). The key is to start now. If you feel like you’re late now, what happens if you wait another five years. (Pssst, future you will thank you for starting today instead of waiting longer).

When you’re clear about your goals, you can be confident in the action steps you take.

Okay, so you want to grow your savings and open a brokerage account. What steps can you take today to get you there? And all of those steps you take will help you accumulate more money and build wealth. The best part of building wealth is that having more money only amplifies who you are. If you are generous, more money allows you to be more generous. Don’t worry that having more money will turn you greedy. 

If you want to do good for you and others - money is a tool to amplify that good and achieve your goals.

As you build your wealth and use your money intentionally, it grows the choices, freedom, and flexibility you have. 

Here’s where The Pledgettes come in.

We have a 95% chance to complete our goals when we “build in ongoing meetings with their partners to check in on their progress.”

We know that finance isn’t a solo sport that you do alone. If we want to achieve the financial goals that we set out for ourselves, then we need to surround ourselves with people who can move us forward, keep us accountable and, most importantly, cheer us on. Who doesn’t love a little celebration every now and again? 

If you knew you had a 95% likelihood to achieve your financial goals,
how far would you reach?

See? The story you’ve been told about money is already starting to change. We just had to have a different conversation first. We have these conversations all the time in the Pledgettes and are ready for you to be a part of the conversation.

The Pledgettes is a community of supportive women making money moves towards their personal financial goals in a shared safe space.

It’s the place where your questions get answered, where you have choices, where you see what’s possible, where you feel like you can let out an exhale. Imagine:

✔ Curated financial knowledge in small group discussions with experts
✔ Access to webinars-on-demand for you to dive into different money topics
✔ Women who want to talk about money and be your accountability partner

Here, it’s not just about earning more. It’s about using our wealth to our advantage. It’s about learning how to make our money finally work for us. 

Start a conversation. Clarify your goals. Confidently make money moves. Let go of what you might lose and focus on what you can gain.  

Hear from current Pledgettes and learn how our community of supportive women has changed their money story for good.

The good news is that our money mindsets can evolve.

We have the ability to unlearn our negative money experiences or chalk them up to lessons learned, and fill our bucket with positive money experiences instead. 

It starts by having right-time, right-place conversations about money.

It’s about starting where we are. What do we want for our lives? What steps are we going to take to get there? Let’s talk about it.

Because when we don’t talk about money, we buy things we can talk about.

What if instead of buying stuff to celebrate (that new car after a promotion, the new outfit to celebrate paying off debt), we could just celebrate our wins out-loud and have a community of supportive women celebrating with us and cheering us on? Because that’s what’s possible with the Pledgettes.

Together, we have those right-time, right-place conversations and reinforce the positive. 

You paid down your debt? You invested? You had a money conversation with your partner or friend? These are all amazing money moves. See? You do make good money decisions. 

At the end of the day, we’re meant to be in community. When we’re surrounded by women making money moves, not only do we build our own wealth, but we’re able to have a collective impact on improving our communities.

Ask yourself. What would happen if you surrounded yourself with women who were taking steps to move themselves (and their money) forward?

It might move you and your money forward. It might just change your life, that’s what.

Want to hear a good money story? Hear goals our Pledgette members are working on to go from surviving to thriving.

Feeling the FOMO? Here’s everything you get when you take the Pledge and become a Pledgette (psst! It’s a great investment with a strong ROI. Our members tell us that on the regular.).

A snapshot of what the Pledgettes journey looks like:

1. We have money conversations
We have right-time, right-place conversations that you’re a part of.

2. We share financial resources
We build our learning muscles through online events, convos, and courses.

3. We help you with goal setting
We work together to help you clarify your personal financial goals. 

4. We build your Financial A-Team
We help you figure out who should be in your corner when it comes to finances. 

5. We make money moves
We support your values-aligned decisions when it comes to using your money.

6. We celebrate each other
We cheer you on towards your financial goals and celebrate your success!

We’re not self-made men; we’re community-made women. Together, we’re changing our money stories, learning how to make our money work for us, and understanding what wealth can feel like.

We believe that it’s our job to move each other forward and we won’t let you stay stuck. We will have those right-time, right-place money conversations with you, so that you can make the right-time, right-place choices when it comes to your money. 

No more feeling like you’re out of options, out of time, or out of money. Together, we’ll:

✔ Build a positive money mindset
✔ Clarify our financial goals
✔ Confidently make money moves
✔ Have choices, freedom, flexibility, and control
✔ Build our personal wealth

What’s it worth to go from feeling like there’s never enough to knowing that there’s no limit on how much money you can receive? It’s priceless.

But, since we have to put a price on it, you can have it ALL for only $14.99/month.

The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to wait for “when I have this much” to start this journey. Where you are, right now, is more than enough. Your wealth is waiting for you. Let’s build it.

Who runs the world this community?
Jenn Uhen.

Hey, I’m Jenn! And I’m a sucker for connection, conversations, and community. Who knew I’d be in a place in my career where I get to have all three? I love it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know what good money conversations look like. Growing up in my household, money was talked about on the regular. And when I became an adult, I quickly learned that money conversations weren’t as common in other families.  I saw a difference between the women that comfortably talked about money and those that shied away from it...and that difference was a lot of dough. Our parents cannot be our only source of money knowledge especially if they’re coming at it from a scarcity mindset.

And that’s how the Pledgettes came to be. It was born out of questions like, How do we reframe what we learned about money growing up? How do we change the money conversation, or at least start having one? It may have also been influenced by my binge of the Handmaid’s Tale-telling myself this cannot happen on my watch. But that’s another story.

At that moment, I knew we had to learn how to use our money and build wealth as community-made women.

Want to solidify that The Pledgettes is for you? Let’s check off some boxes!

✔ You want to be included in money conversations
✔ You want to get unstuck and make your money work for you
✔ You want to go beyond what you “should” do with your money to what you want to do
✔ You want to start where you are and grow from there
✔ You want real support, accountability, and community 
✔ You want to achieve your financial goals and celebrate your successes
✔ You want to be in community with women leveraging their money for good
✔ You want to learn how to build your wealth and be a part of a movement

We Pledgettes believe that women should hold more wealth so they can reinvest to create healthier and wealthier communities. 

And while we know money conversations and access to financial literacy are powerful, we also know that they won’t change your finances. Taking action will.

It’s why we take a personal Pledge. By becoming a Pledgette, you make a commitment to yourselves, to take an active role in your finances and grow your wealth. It’s turning what you know into action. 

Did you know that when you take action towards your personal financial goals, you’re also contributing to a larger collective impact

That’s right. Whatever money move you choose to make matters and has an impact. 

Think about it. We’re not meant to talk about, learn about, or take action with money alone. We’re meant to be in community. And when our individual actions are combined together, our collective impact is great and we become community-made women.

Our vision, as The Pledgettes, is to abolish the gender wealth gap for good.

And we move towards this vision by taking individual action which leads to collective impact. When we start to invest in ourselves and use our money, we’re changing the statistics and putting an end to a system that no longer serves us. When women invest, they outperform men. And that’s how we move towards our vision of closing the gender wealth gap for good.

Pledge by pledge, we’re making change happen. And we are confident that your money moves will help us achieve our big goal faster.

Still have questions? We have answers.

➕Am I ready for this?
Yes, yes you are. You are in the right-place at the right-time. Wherever you are on your financial journey is where you are.  You get to choose where you want to go from here and who you want on your personal financial journey.

➕Do I have to share my personal finances?
Nope. You share what you are comfortable with. There are limitless money conversations we can have without sharing numbers. However, if sharing will make the celebrations sweet and the accountability stronger, we encourage it! This community is here to support you.

➕Will this help me achieve my individual goals?
Maybe. Eek, was that not the answer that you wanted to hear? Almost all of our members are setting big goals and achieving them.  But like with any investment in yourself, it’s not enough to just pay some money to achieve success.  You need to do the work.  Attend events, go through our mini-course to clarify your goals and make some money moves. We’re here to support and celebrate you.

➕What will the community provide that I can’t figure out on my own?
We don’t know what we don’t know. Even growing up in a family that openly talked about money, Jenn Uhen wrote a blog, 52 Things I Learned About Money in 2020. There’s always more to learn about money and The Pledgettes offered curated events each week. 

➕Do I need to read more books, do more things?
Let's be real, our Founder, Jenn Uhen, isn’t much of a reader which is why a member leads our book club. We all learn in different ways which is why The Pledgettes has live events, webinars-on-demand, mini-courses, book club, and more.

➕Why pay when there are plenty of free resources out there?
There are great free resources out there and we encourage you to take advantage of those in addition to your membership.  We are a community where you’ll see familiar faces, find accountability partners, and build trust and credibility with the women in our community. We keep our membership dues low so that if you want to invest in an intensive, mastermind, entrepreneur communities, or more, your personal development budget doesn’t all go to The Pledgettes.

➕What is the ROI on membership?
We don’t ask Pledgettes to divulge all their numbers with us or obsessively track their numbers. We know you are a multi-faceted human and The Pledgettes is one piece to building your wealth. We do know that Pledgettes have made big money moves that they have said they wouldn’t have made without The Pledgettes. Recently, one member shared that she received more than annual membership in value in the first two weeks. :) 

➕I don’t have a Financial A-Team. Can I still get started?
Yes! As part of our foundation of becoming a Pledgettes, there are resources for you to learn if you have a Financial A-Team and who you need on your team. If you are looking for a lender, bank, financial advisor, join The Pledgettes, ask questions, and members can share their experiences with the people who make up their Financial A-Team. Also, if you don't know what a Financial A-Team is, that's fine, you'll learn about it as a Pledgette.

➕Will I get 1:1 coaching? Do I need it?
We stay agnostic to different services and products. We are 100% focused on building the community and our collective impact. The Pledgettes may be all the nudge you need in your personal financial journey or you may also want to invest in 1:1 coaching.  We do have some members that are Accredited Financial Counselors, Financial Therapists, Certified Financial Planners, and more financial professionals that you may work with as you build your Financial A-Team.

➕Is this a mastermind? Do I need one?
This is not a structured mastermind. You can join our weekly programming and monthly meetups to get routine check-ins with familiar faces.  You may find an accountability partner in The Pledgettes and schedule ongoing meetings with them (we encourage it). There have been Pledgettes that after a year of membership with The Pledgettes, they continue their membership and join a mastermind.  There are even a few we recommend.  It’s your personal financial journey.  We’ll help you determine options for your goals and current situation.  

Final question time. 
Are you just going to sign up already? 

Are you going to keep ignoring your money?
Are you going to wait another 5 years and be later to the party?
Are you going to blame others for your financial situation? 

Or, are you going to choose to take an active role in your finances?

How we use our money matters. By choosing to invest in ourselves, we are letting go of the mindset that we have to make that dollar stretch. Instead, we’re trusting that what we give will come back to us in plenty. After all, our money is meant to move. 

So why not invest in something that gives you a return on your investment? Yourself. Your goals. Your wealth. It’s time to start making values-aligned money moves.

✔ Open a brokerage account
✔ Open a savings account
✔ Build an emergency fund
✔ Pay down student debt
✔ Increase your revenue
✔ Go after that promotion
✔ Invest in the stock market
✔ Invest in real estate
✔ Contribute to your 401K

Start small. Start where you are. But take action. Small moves add up to big change. 

And together, our collective actions will grow into a collective impact that will help us achieve our vision of abolishing the gender wealth gap to create healthier and wealthier communities.

We are community-made women.
We are Pledgettes. 

If you’ve read to the bottom of this page, you are too.

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